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Now this is something all women should not only try but learn to love!!

Now this is something all women should not only try but learn to love!!

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Here is a cute trailer trash slut ready for you to drop by and allow her to give you full service.
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Here is a cute trailer trash slut ready for you to drop by and allow her to give you full service.

Dogging, Swinging and Cuckolding Explained

Non-traditional sex comes in many variations, so it is only natural that all of those deviations have their own specific names. However, if you are not familiar with all the terms that are out there, you may be confused when you hear someone use a new term. Sex with people outside your normal relationship is where the biggest confusion lies, so here are the three main categories with a brief summary of what they are.


Dogging is where sexual acts are carried out in a public place or where people can easily view the act, such as a party. In simple terms, dogging can be described as live porn, since you are either witnessing it in front of your face or you are participating. Also, dogging is not limited to two people, and can certainly be a gangbang at a party while others watch.

Voyeurism is the main theme of dogging, as the people who watch and participate get off on the thrill that others can see it happening.


Swinging is probably the most well known alternative to traditional sex. This is where a couple will either meet with another couple or go to a party where everyone there is into swinging. When a couple swings, they allow each other to openly have sex with any one else. At the end of the night, they go home together and their relationship is still normal.

Recreational sex is the main them of swinging, since people are just going out, having fun and getting laid without having to worry about their partner being upset. This can be extremely healthy for couples looking to spice up their sex life when the rest of their relationship is solid.


Cuckolding deviates from the traditional relationship the most out of all of these alternatives. In a cuckolding relationship, one partner, usually the female, will openly cheat on their partner, but they will not allow their partner to sleep with anyone else. Cuckolding is traditionally found in Femdom relationships, which is where the female is the dominant partner in the relationship. Men who are cuckolded often watch their wives have sex and may even participate if the female wants them too. Participation may include pleasuring the other male or licking the female’s pussy after the other male has sex with her.

Power and humiliation is the main theme with cuckolding. Even though there are elements of dogging and swinging in the cuckolding lifestyle, it all comes down to one partner exerting their control over the other partner sexually.

Friends Fantasy Wedding

My Fantasy Cuckold Wedding

Even though I have been happily married to my husband for over eight years, I’ve always had this fantasy of having a cuckold-themed wedding to truly show our devotion to each other. Not something with our family or anything, just a small, private party with some of our friends that we have met over the years who understood and even participated in the lifestyle themselves. Here is how I imagine it would go.The night before, I would have a reverse bachelor’s party for my husband, and I would go out with a few of my lovers who were going to be the groomsmen. I would send my husband with the bridesmaids for a night of uninhibited fun with him, where anything goes. I would also go on my way and get fucked every way imaginable by my studs. Similar to a regular wedding, we would not see each other after we left for our parties, but I would make sure to save all the huge loads of cum my lovers would deposit in condoms for fun the next day!

At the wedding, I would have all the bridesmaids dressed slutty, but not outdo my slutiness. The groomsmen would all be in Speedos, showing off the reason they are my lovers. As far as what I would wear, the beautiful bride would have on a sexy white teddy, white lace thong, garter belt with white stockings and white high heels. Of course the key to my husband’s chastity belt would be dangling between my luscious breasts as a constant reminder of who is in control. And what about hubby? He gets to be naked except for the chastity cage, showing off the reason why he is my cuckolded hubby.

The whole ceremony would be held by another friend, since it is an informal event and all. I would walk down the aisle with hubby crawling behind me, while carrying a leash attached to his chastity belt. My husband would make sure to have a brand new ring for me, while I would make him eat cum from a condom from the night before as his sign of love. I am sure that would be a huge hit and get everyone talking and laughing at him, humiliating him even further.

We would say our revised vows, which would include what I would be doing and what my hubby/slave would be doing for me during our marriage. As we would finish, I would grab my hubby’s head and shove his mouth to my panty-covered, soaking wet pussy. I would make him give it a quick kiss and then push him back, ordering him to get behind me. I would instruct him to pull my thong to the side and French kiss my sweet asshole while I passionately kissed all the groomsmen. After I finished, I would have all the bridesmaids slap him and spit on him to show their disdain for his inferiority.

At the reception, hubby would be the waiter, wearing just a bow tie, and would serve all the food and drinks to the guest, all while being at their beck and call for their needs. I would imagine him kissing feet, asses and pussies all night long while I flirted and ignored him the entire time. For my girlfriends who smoke, I would expect him to be their ashtray whenever they needed one, and he would do so willingly. Watching him serve the guests the entire night would drive me wild, though I would never dare show how hot it made me to see what he would do for me.

Next, it would be time for the cuckolding part of the marriage to be consummated. I would take the three groomsmen in a room all alone and let them all fuck me like I need to be fucked. While I was being fucked, my husband would be stuck out in the other room, listening to me being pleasured while the bridesmaids torture him. I would give them all the toys they wanted to make my husband suffer while I was experiencing pure bliss. I would expect him to emerge with whip marks all over him and his face covered in the cum of all of the women and a lot of spit.

Finally, I would send all of the guests home and we would finally be alone for the fist night of our cuckold marriage. His face would immediately be between my thighs, probably even before the guests left for the night. His skilled tongue would lap away at the large globs of cum that littered my body until I was spotless. Then, I would tell him that is was time to consummate our end of the marriage.

I would grab his leash and take him to the living room where we just had our ceremony. He would bend over the couch and his little red ass would be up in the air, inviting me to take full advantage of. I would walk away and take my time harnessing up my strap-on, making him nervous as he awaited his cruel fate. He would hear the sound of my heels as I walked back in the room, though he wouldn’t see the cock that was about to impale him between my legs.

I’d walk up behind and start to finger his ass with some lube, while lubing the strap-on at the same time. We have been working on getting his ass ready to handle larger cocks, and the biggest he has had to date was six inches. Tonight, I would have an eight incher just for this occasion, which is the size of the best man who fucked me. I would slowly work in the huge cock, making him moan and shudder at the pain he was experiencing. I would run my hands and nails down his back, trying to ease him into it. Once I would have it in the whole way, I would fuck his ass hard until I was tired, ignoring his cries to stop. When I would slide the huge cock out of his ass, I would see the relief and pain from his body language, and would hope to hear a meager thank you. Now, it was official that he would be my bitch forever.

[caption id=”attachment_1252” align=”aligncenter” width=”481”] Cuckoldress fucking another man[/caption]
Poor guys cock isn’t even big enough for her to give him a proper hand job, no wonder she has to cheat on him to get satisfaction!!
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[caption id=”attachment_1252” align=”aligncenter” width=”481”] Cuckoldress fucking another man[/caption]

Poor guys cock isn’t even big enough for her to give him a proper hand job, no wonder she has to cheat on him to get satisfaction!!

Burning Questions for a Mistress

I am sure many men wonder what goes through the mind of a powerful Mistress and Cuckoldress like myself. Do you really enjoy it? What makes you the hottest? What was the first time like? Well, I thought I would answer some of those burning questions that all slaves want to know about the woman they worship.

Do You Really Get Turned On?

You have no fucking idea. At least for me, and I am married to my slave, so I have constant power over him. The second he drops everything he is doing at my whim, I want to jump him or someone right there. Ultimate control and of course, ultimate submission, is the hottest thing sexually I have ever experienced. My pussy aches for attention and my underwear get soaked in an instant when we start to play.

What Was Your First Time Like?

My husband brought the idea up to me and gave me a list of ideas he found. Our first night, I just sat on his face and made him bring me to orgasm after orgasm, soaking his face in my cum. It was the most incredible, sensual experience I ever had, and I yearned for more. I am sure my husband was in heaven, knowing that his courage to act on a fantasy became reality.

Why Do Mistresses Make Guys Eat Cum?

After a male orgasms, he is at his most defiant. He got to cum and live out his fantasy, so he is done. Making a man eat his cum makes him keep his place in the relationship. Plus, it is extremely humiliating for a man to lick up his nasty mess. My husband usually cums on a plate, my feet, ass or a condom, depending on my mood at the time. Of course, I prefer when he eats another man’s cum, but that is another story.

Isn’t Cuckolding Cheating?

Cuckolding is a very delicate subject to play with. You have to slowly toe the line with your slave, pushing him further and further. The thought never crossed my mind until we watched a movie together. When I saw the Mistress with a huge cock pounding away at her while the submissive watched and served, I couldn’t get it out of my mind. My husband can’t serve me with his little cock, his only downfall. So, together, we agreed that it was okay to sleep around simply for the pleasure.

I love my date nights. I am soaked before I leave the house and just can’t wait to meet up with my lover. However, I am always thinking about my husband/slave, and while the sex with my lover is amazing, it is just sex. At the end of the night, I always come home to him with juicy details. And while the sex is hot, my husband eagerly pleasuring my swollen pussy afterward is the hottest thing to me. It is total submission.

My First Night as a Cuckoldress Part 3

He had just cum the day before but I called him in the bedroom and unlocked his little penis from his cage. I told him to lay down and started to play with his cock until it was dripping with pre-cum, which took just a minute or so. I haven’t touched him so lovingly in a while, so I know he was going wild. Then, I started to suck his cock, which again, hasn’t happened in months. After a bit of sucking, I stopped and looked him in the eyes and told him I wanted to sleep with another man.

His face looked devastated but his cock grew bigger and harder than I have ever seen it. I knew it turned him on, but it also scared the hell out of him. It scared me too, but it excited me more. Plus, my pussy was soaked, so I knew this was the right choice. I locked him back up and sat on his face, thinking about Brad’s huge cock that will soon be in me.

On the day of the date, my husband was being cute and submissive and he begged me to go out shopping just for this date. We bought a new sundress, thong and shoes and he took me to get my hair and nails done. I didn’t wear a bra that night because it didn’t look right with the dress. We went home and he helped bathe me and laid my clothes out so he could dress me properly. He kneeled by our bed until I was done my makeup and told him to grab the clothing. He grabbed the sexy black thong and brought it over to me. Being a bit of a bitch, I grabbed his head, pulled it into my pussy and told him to kiss it good-bye. I told him to leave the room as I finished getting dressed. I just needed a few minutes alone to be sure this was the right thing to do for our relationship. I felt a little selfish, well, very selfish, but it is something that we both explored and fantasised about together. I knew he wanted it deep down and it would make our sex lives much more amazing.

I walked downstairs to find my husband cleaning the kitchen. I walked up to him and gave him a long, passionate kiss and told him he had the night off of chore duty. I also promised him that I would come home with a pussy full of cum and right after Brad finished, I would slip my thong back on to save all the juices. With that final thought in his mind, I walked out the door to cheat on my husband.

Brad was a total hottie when I saw him for the first time. He was about six feet tall and muscular, unlike my husband who is scrawny. His eyes lured me into wanting to throw him on the table and fuck his brains out in front of every single person in that restaurant, but I had to control myself. We hit it off great and we went back to his place so I could get a taste of his huge man meat that I have been craving all night long.

We got back to his place and he grabbed some wine for us to enjoy. I couldn’t really contain myself too much longer, and only drank about half the glass of wine before his pants were off and my lips were wrapped around his thick, juicy cock. I couldn’t remember a cock this big, as it has been ages since I was with a man who had a penis as perfect as this one.

I stopped sucking and ripped off his shirt, kissing on perfectly defined abs and chest, then slowly moving up to his neck. I felt weird, but I kissed him passionately on the lips, and it felt great. He pushed me back and lifted my dress off of me, exposing my perky D sized breasts all for him. He went right to my tits and made me even hornier with his skillful mouth on my nipples. My husband would be so jealous right now, as he loved my tits as much as he loved my ass.

I couldn’t take it any longer and neither could he. I slid my panties off as fast as possible and mounted him like the stallion he was and rode the enormous cock like a pro. I rode him cowgirl and reverse cowgirl style, and he made me cum multiple times. My husband never, ever made me cum with his cock, just his mouth. After I did that, it was Brad’s turn to have his way with me. He took me doggy-style from behind, yet another thing hubby never could do properly. It felt so amazing to be fucked like a real woman, and Brad had the stamina of a camel in a desert. Finally, he flipped me over to the missionary position and finished the fucking of a lifetime. With one final grunt, he unleashed a huge stream of sperm straight into my waiting cunt.

My cunt was filled with his lovely man juice, and his cock, exhausted from the workout, slid out of my pussy and dangled between his legs. I laid there for a second and quickly asked him to grab my panties so that I don’t feel as messy. He grabbed them and I asked if he could put them on as well. He did, essentially sealing up all the cum he had just deposited. I stayed in bed for a few moments and told him I had to get home to my husband. I slid into my dress and kissed Brad, thanking him for the best fucking of my life.

The long drive home went super quick and my mind was racing as to what I should do to my slave husband. My pussy was wet again and I was ready to seal our cuckold relationship up with my husband by making him totally submit to me. I pulled into the garage and hubby was waiting, on his knees, by the door like a good little slave. I tossed him my purse and told him to get his ass upstairs immediately. He crawled on the floor behind me as we headed upstairs. I know he couldn’t wait to hear about the date.

We got to our bedroom and told him to take off my dress and my heels and put them away, which he did quickly. I laid down on the bed, with my panties still on, and beckoned for him to crawl up between my legs. I then told him to place his face between my legs so he could smell and taste the wetness that was just made less then an hour ago. He did that for about a minute before I pushed his face back and told him to take off my panties, and he obliged. I put them aside for now and made him lay on the bed. I straddled his face and shoved my swollen pussy on his mouth and told him to clean up my lover’s cum. His cock was straining hard in his cage, and my pussy was soaked again.

While my husband was eagerly lapping at my pussy, I told him how I fucked Brad for about an hour, something that his little cock could only dream about. He started licking faster, as if to try and make up for his shortcomings in the bed. I also informed him that he no longer is allowed to fuck me, and that all orgasms will be with his hand and I may ruin them consistently. I said to him that I deserve to receive all the pleasure while he waits on me at all times. He is there to please me.

After about 30 minutes, I got off his wet face and grabbed my panties that had the cum in them. I told him to open and I shoved them in the whole way, making him taste the cum all over again. I then gave him a kiss on the cheek, turned the lights off and rolled over to go to sleep, leaving him with my panties in his mouth while he tried to sleep.

My First Night as a Cuckoldress Part 2

His face was covered in my juices, but neither one of us cared. I was done for the night, so I made him kneel outside the bath as I took a shower to clean up. He then toweled me off and I went to bed while he took a shower, still extremely horny. Although I never asked, I am sure he took care of himself in the shower.

After that night, our relationship changed forever. I never wanted to have normal sex again and I loved using his amazing tongue to have multiple orgasms a night. In addition to that, I started making him find me FemDom videos, pictures and stories online so that I could start to really make him my slave. I still let him have sex, though that slowly was being phased out. After about six months, I made him buy a chastity belt that I saw a lot of women use in the videos.

That idea alone made me so wet, and I held the key to the tiny cage at all times right in the middle of my breasts. It drove him crazy! See, his cock is small. Not too small that I can’t enjoy it, but I would prefer bigger. It was around five inches when I measured it, so it was usable.

We explored lots of different areas, such as whipping, spitting, ass worship, teasing & denial (my favorite) and I even made him wear my panties at times. I love stuffing a pair of worn panties in his mouth while he does chores around the house or even while we are watching TV. I love the control it gives me. But I am getting off track here. Let me tell you more about the chastity.

As my chastity slave, he now was cumming a lot less. At first, he would cum every other day, and often, he would fuck me until he would cum. He didn’t know it, but my long term goal was to cuckold him, so after he fucked me, his face was between my legs cleaning his little mess up. However, I wasn’t totally being satisfied in the bedroom, and he was up to three weeks without cumming. Even when he was allowed to cum, he would blow his load so fast now that the sex was horrible. I felt the time was right to explore cuckolding.

In anticipation of this, I had created a profile on an adult dating site to find possible guys to hookup with when I wanted to take that step. I found a few guys that I was drooling over and started even fantasizing about them when my husband was worshiping me. Finally, I decided to go for it and set up a date with this guy named Brad. On his profile, I saw a picture of his big, beautiful eight inch cock and couldn’t wait to feel that monster inside of me. My only worry was finally telling my loyal and faithful husband that I wanted to finally live out what we have seen in hundreds of videos.

*** To be continued ***

My First Night as a Cuckoldress

I never thought our relationship would turn out this way. Sure, I always “wore the pants” in our relationship, but I never even thought of a FemDom relationship. And I certainly never thought I would cuckold my husband, especially since I didn’t know what that even meant when we got married. Before I tell you about my first night as a cuckoldress, let me tell you how we started this journey.

My husband is a closet submissive, something I never knew until after we got married. In fact, I found out one day when he ordered us a whip, handcuffs, ball gag, leather cock restraint and a dildo and it arrived in the mail. I was surprised when I got this, because I opened the package first and called him at work. He said surprise and maybe it is something we can explore. He then brought home a list of activities FemDom related that I could do and told me to choose. He then told me he would be back in a half hour.

When he got back, I was in black lingerie that I got for our wedding, looking sexy of course. See, I am a pretty girl. Not a model, but I never have had problems getting guys. Here is a bit about me so you can picture what I look like at least. I have brown hair that is average length, killer green eyes, wear a size 8, have great D breasts and an ass that is bigger than normal to say the least. My husband says that is the first thing he noticed about me actually.

I told him to get naked and go make me something to eat. I went out and whipped his ass a few times and his penis for having pre-cum on it. I made him put the penis restraint on himself to punish his cock. He cooked two meals and brought them to the table. I told him he is not eating right now and he needs to get under the table and worship my feet. I ignored him while he eagerly worshiped my feet and I enjoyed my meal. I won’t lie. I was extremely wet already and couldn’t wait to take his ass upstairs and have some real fun.

The rest of the evening was filled with mild fun, with him first kissing my ass cheeks. Before he did that, he had to take off my panties with his teeth, but he had to do it from behind, meaning his face was right at my ass. After he kissed my ass for a few minutes, I had him lay on the bed. As I was hovering over him, my pussy felt like it was going to drip all over his face. I saw the eagerness and worry in his eyes, as this was his first real time submitting to a woman. I then plopped my pussy on his mouth and he ate me to the three most amazing orgasms ever.

*** To be continued in the next article ***